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Logistics: one of the key points to reach worldwide markets with premium quality
In this article, Fernando Martorell, foreign trade coordinator of the Institute for the Productive Development of Tucuman (Instituto de Desarrollo Productivo de Tucumán – IDEP) provides details about the importance of logistics in the blueberries pro
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14/11/2016 | “Taking into account the distances that separate us from our markets, the logistics issue becomes a key point to be able to reach faraway markets with quality blueberries that keep all their properties and characteristics. This is one of the greatest challenges for the region’s exporters.” That’s what Fernando Martorell, coordinator of the Foreign Trade area of IDEP, states.

Since it is such a perishable product, logistics becomes critical. That’s why we have to take it as a process in general. The main purpose is to make it go from the packing plant of the exporter to the country of origin, and from there to its final destination in optimal conditions.

According to Martorell, the logistic process begins in the packing plant, with the task of preparing and selecting the fruit. Once the pallets are ready, many conditions are to be taken into account, such as the fruit’s destination market, the characteristics demanded by the control organs, strictly complying with said requirements, the recommendations made pursuant to the loading points in each of the airports or shipping ports, having quality internal transport means that provide the adequate conditions for the fruit to keep the required cold chain so that it arrives with all the properties.

Reception at the ports and airports, both in origin and destination, is crucial; therefore, monitoring is important so that the services provided by the companies that receive the fruit are appropriate in waiting times at airports and in warehouses, preventing them from being too long and making sure that the temperature conditions are adequate. In this way, we can make sure that the cargo reaches destination in the best conditions, indicated the IDEP coordinator.
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